Preparative Purification of Ibuprofen and Its Related Substances by ProminenceTM UFPLC

Preparative and purification by liquid chromatography is a widely- used technique applied to drug synthesis, finding effective compounds in natural products, and structural analysis of trace unknown compounds in the pharmaceutical, food product, and chemical industries. Prominence™ UFPLC*1 (hereinafter, UFPLC) enables substantial labor-savings in preparative purification by automating not only fractionation of the target compound but also the related processes of concentration, purification, recovery, etc. This article introduces an example of preparative purification of a mixed sample of the pharmaceutical ibuprofen and its analogs by using Shimadzu’s UFPLC Advanced System.

*1 UFPLC: Abbreviation of Ultra Fast Preparative and Purification Liquid Chromatograph

UFPLC automatically performs the various processes related to preparative isolation of target compounds using a combination of preparative LC and trapping columns. The details of those processes are as follows.

 Fig.1 Flow of Fractionation, Concentration, Purification, and Elution by UFPLC

Fig.1 Flow of Fractionation, Concentration, Purification, and Elution by UFPLC

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Prominence UFPLC

Prominence UFPLC


Prominence UFPLC Advanced System
This is a fully automated system to purify several compounds, including the main target compound, residual substance and impurities (five kinds at max.), from a preparative sample.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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