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Analysis Data System Compliant with ER/ES Regulations Progress Configuration of LabSolutions System

Database Management Prevents Mistakes

With LabSolutions DB and CS, the analysis data is managed securely by the database. Overwriting, deletion and other mistakes typical of data file management do not occur. In addition, when postrun analysis is performed using the acquired data, postrun analysis data revision numbers are automatically assigned, preventing the accidental overwriting of raw data. It is easy to display earlier data.

Solid Security

An audit trail to ensure the reliability of data and document e-mail transmission functions when any event occurs in the system can be set up. User accounts are managed using passwords, where password length, complexity and term of validity must satisfy specified requirements. It is also possible to set lockout functions to prevent illegal access, and set a registered user’s deletion and change. In addition, a box can be selected to prevent overwriting a data file, and outputting an item to a report can also be performed.

Control and Analysis are Possible from PCs Other than the Analysis PC

With LabSolutions CS, equipment can be accessed freely, from any location, while maintaining security. For example, before starting an analysis, the equipment can be operated from a PC in the laboratory. After analysis starts, a PC in the office can be used to confirm operating status, control the equipment, and analyze the data. This improves the efficiency of analysis status monitoring, equipment control, report creation and other procedures.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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