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Column Manager

Analytical column management tool

From the viewpoint of data integrity, management of columns used in analysis is required. LabSolutions column manager shows and prints the column information (contents concerning the column specification such as name, column ID, inner diameter, length etc.) used in LC / GC / LCMS analysis, the analysis result using the column, the total injection number and so on. It enables you to manage analytical columns.



Easy confirmation of usage and frequency in use of column !

The column's final analysis date and time, the total injection count, the connection status with the instrument and so on are displayed, so you can easily check the usage and frequency of in use of column.

Easy confirmation of the analysis result using the column !

Analysis results using columns can be displayed and printed as a list for each column. Display contents can be narrowed down by conditions such as device name and analysis date and time.

Audit trail of column management !

Provides enhanced data integrity through an audit trail of column management, providing a record of the reasons for changing columns, and a setting to prohibit data acquisition when no column is set.

Easy management of column information !

Column information already registered can be duplicated and registered, so you can efficiently manage columns.

Confirmation of usage in use of column

In the column list view, you can check the usage status of columns registered in LabSolutions. In the list view, the information such as "Last Analysis Date and Time Using Column", "Final Analyst", "Total Column Injection Count", "Column Information", "Status" are displayed. In the instrument tree, you can also check the columns used in the instrument.

Column list view


Analysis history of column

You can display and confirm the history of analysis results performed on the selected column. The history of analysis results can be searched by instrument name, project name, sample name, analyst, and you can quickly check the history of analysis result.

Analysis history view


Operating environment

The following software is necessary for the operation of this software
LabSolutions DB / CS version 6.81 or later


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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