MS Spectra Library for Glycosphingolipid Ver. 2

LCMSsolution Optional Library

Glycolipids are a class of biomolecules consisting of a glycan head group and a fatty acid tail. Recent reports suggest that glycolipids play essential roles in the formation of microdomains on biological membranes. Further studies need to take into account the precise structure of glycolipids, including minor variation in the fatty acid tails. Speed up your research with this glycolipid library, which enables identification of the complete structure of glycolipids even from a small amount of biological sample.



  1. Covers a wide range of glycolipid species
    The main content of the library is gangliosides, which are increasingly targeted for research. It contains the data of 22 ceramides, 206 acidic glycolipids, 77 neutral glycolipids and 4 sulfoglycosphingolipids (a total of 309 species).
  2. The library is composed of MS spectra acquired from biological sample
    The library is a collection of MS, MS2 and MS3 spectra with exact masses (m/z) of both precursor and product ion peaks. The original data was acquired from glycolipids purified from a biological source. Therefore, it contains data of glycolipids that are not commercially available. The MS3 spectra give unambiguous identity to ceramide structures; MS2 analysis cannot distinguish between lipid structure variants.
  3. New algorithm for library search
    Library searching supports the use of the exact mass of a precursor ion as a search cue, facilitating quick identication of detected glycolipids.


MS3 is essential for determination of ceramide structures

The fragment which glycan was separated was obtained by MS2 analysis, then ceramide fragment was obtained by MS3 analysis.

Remarks and Precautions
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