Automated Scale-up from Analytical to Preparative LC/MS to accelerate compound purification and isolation

Maximize purity and compound recovery on a single platform

Generic system design which can be easily adapted to differing workflow and throughput needs

Prominence Preparative System

Shimadzu's purification platform is a modular solution to compound isolation working from analytical flow rates up to preparative flow rates of 100mL/minute at a back pressure of 42 MPa.

LC-20AT | High precision analytical to semi-preparative

  • This solvent delivery unit supports precise analytical flow rates up to 10 mL/min.
  • High-precision analysis is possible even in the semi-micro flow-rate range.

LC-20AR | Semi-Preparative and Recycle Preparative

  • This solvent delivery unit can handle flow rates as high as those used in semi-preparative scale (up to 20 mL/min).
  • Using a recycle kit enables semi-preparative recycling.

LC-20AP | Large-Scale Preparative Fractionation

  • Flow rates up to 150 mL/min (lower limit is 0.5 mL/min).
  • Flexible configuration for purifications of micrograms to milligrams.

Low-pressure Gradient Preparative System

Analysis/Preparative System

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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