Automated Scale-up from Analytical to Preparative LC/MS to accelerate compound purification and isolation

Crude2Pure Automated Purification and Powderization System

Open Solution Purification helps to accelerate analytical to preparative LC purification and isolation using conventional LC technologies. As an alternative technology, Shimadzu has also developed the Crude to Pure (C2P) platform. The C2P platform generates high purity dry powders, free from LC background and available within 3 hours from preparative LC fractions, regardless of fraction volume or water content.

Flexible System Configurations

Basic Crude2Pure System (Single Recovery System)

This is the simplest Crude2Pure system. The trapping system can process up to four samples and the recovery system two samples. (Expansion to a multi system is possible.)

Multi Recovery System Supporting Multi-sample Processing

This is recommended for multi-sample processing. The sample concentrated by the single trapping system is processed continuously by the multi recovery system. The recovery system accommodates up to 48 samples. The dedicated software, which is compatible with open access, allows setting of the trapping columns to the recovery system during operation.

Expansion from the Basic System (Multi Trapping / Recovery System)

If more throughput is required, the trapping system and the recovery system can be expanded to a multi system by adding rack changers, etc.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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