Open Solution

Open Access-Compatible Software

Creates an Open Access Environment Using Internet Explorer

Open Solution is Web-based software that permits observation of analysis results and report printing from any networked PC. Open Solution fully exploits an open access environment in Internet Explorer to dramatically enhance the efficiency of analysis work.

Open Solution offers the maximum efficiency gains for a minimum investment, as no special software installation is required on each PC.

Features of Open Solution

  • Achieves Open Access
  • Start Analysis in Just 3 Steps
  • Sends E-mail Notification when Analysis Ends
  • Immediately Observe Analysis Results Details

Sample System Configuration

Open Solution allows data from a laboratory UFLC + LCMS-2020 system to be observed or printed from any laboratory PC or office PC, as well as from the PC in the UFLC + LCMS-2020 system.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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