Open Solution

Open Access-Compatible Software

Achieves Open Access

Open Solution creates an open access environment, which means that (if certain security conditions are fulfilled) any data can be freely accessed any time, any place, by anybody, for any reason. An open access environment dramatically enhances analysis efficiency by allowing analysis data to be shared with any PC on an Ethernet network using Internet Explorer. Open Solution software creates such an open access environment by allowing observation of analysis results and report printing from any networked PC with Internet Explorer installed. Special software installation on each PC and separate licenses are not required.

Start Analysis in Just 3 Steps

Open Solution provides a simple user interface. Detailed knowledge of analysis operations is not required. Start analysis in just three steps! Log into Open Solution (Step 1). Make the minimum settings, such as sample registration and analysis method designation, and mount the vials in the automatically designated positions (Step 2). Press the [Start] button (Step 3).

The analysis progress status is displayed in realtime. The order of priority of the analyzed samples can be changed. Use the system with confidence: the system enters standby status if an error occurs.

Sends E-mail Notification when Analysis Ends

The e-mail contains a hyperlink to the URL where the analysis results are stored. Simply click on this link to display the results in Internet Explorer. This instant access to enhances the efficiency of analysis work since the analysis results can be easily observed or printed, and an analysis report can be output in PDF format with just a single click.

Immediately Observe Analysis Results Details

Open Solution requires no complex operation for simple data browsing to display the analysis results in an Internet Explorer window. The data browsing screen shows a visual representation of the vials in the autosampler tray. Clicking on the image of a vial displays the details of the analysis results for the sample, making it easy to instantaneously observe analysis results for any vial in the rack. The chromatograms, spectra, and purity information can be observed for each vial.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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