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Typical Applications of Open Solution

Optimizing the confirmation of compound synthesis and purification

Research institutes studying pharmaceuticals and other chemical products use analytical instruments to confirm compound synthesis and to purify chemical compounds. Ideally, analysis results are obtained simply, without a host of troublesome operations.
Efficient operability is essential when confirming a number of samples in a limited time, or when multiple researchers are sharing limited LCMS resources. Have you ever been inconvenienced by the following issues when operating analysis software?

  • You don't wish to spend valuable time learning how to use the analysis software. There is no need to learn all the detailed functions.
  • Multiple researchers are sharing the same instrument. Some of them leave vials in the autosampler rack even after their analyses are complete, and it is not clear where the vials should be placed.
  • You would like to immediately analyze synthesized samples, but the PC connected to the instrument is not available since it is being used by another researcher.
  • You would like to share analysis data between departments, but data transmission is troublesome. You cannot deliver a report immediately.
  • During preparative purification, the correspondence between the sample vials and fraction tubes is not clear.

Open Solution solves these issues with simple and speedy operations.

A mere 3 steps from registration of the compound samples to the start of analysis

Open Solution uses Internet Explorer, so the operations can be mastered with minimal training.
The only operations required by the user are to register the sample information, to select one of the available methods, and then to start measurement and purification.
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(The LCMS system administrator configures the MS (mass spectrometer) settings, manages each project, and manages the security settings.)

Available vial positions in the sample rack are specified automatically

With Open Solution, the positioning of vials is managed automatically, even if multiple users share the same rack. Sometimes other users leave their vials in the rack. But since the software indicates the available vial positions when the samples are registered, you have only to confirm the positions, place the vials, and then start the analysis. The results are displayed for your vials only, allowing easy confirmation.

Simply click on the vial to confirm the analysis data

Open Solution links the analysis results for each vial with the vials graphically displayed in the results window. When confirming a series of results, simply click on the vials of interest to instantly obtain the required information. Analysis results can be confirmed without specifying the data file name, thereby significantly improving operating efficiency.
This is even more effective in multi-sample analysis using microplates.

In addition, with Open Solution, chromatograms, spectrums, purity data, and other required information are displayed in a single window. The results of LC and LC/MS analyses can be confirmed using familiar Internet browser operations.

Confirm the analysis results and create reports at your own workstation

Open Solution uses Internet Explorer, so results can be browsed from any PC on the network on which I.E. has been installed.
You can always browse the results from your own workstation, even if the PC connected to the instrument is unavailable. Open Solution provides email notification when analyses are complete, so the analysis results can be confirmed and reports generated when you have the time, increasing efficiency.
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No need to install software for browsing the data, and data is easily shared between departments

The results can be confirmed on each person’s PC as long as I.E. is installed. This is a significant advantage, eliminating the need for installing special software on each PC terminal when setting up the system. In terms of system maintenance as well, administrative duties are significantly reduced, since there is no need to manage all the individual PC terminals.
With Open Solution, the PC connected to the LC or LCMS system works just like a web server.
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Just click the specified URL to browse the analysis results using I.E., even from another department (assuming a certain level of security has been satisfied). This reduces the trouble of transmitting analysis data and reports.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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