Reagent kit

Microchip Electrophoresis System for DNA/RNA Analysis MCE®-202 MultiNA

DNA-12000 reagent kit

Suited for research of cloning a gene and gene expression

MultiNA, which realizes easier, faster, and more sensitive electrophoresis than agarose gel, enables a wide range of DNA size analysis to 12 kbp.

Expanded applications

Check the size of plasmid DNA which is digested with a restriction enzyme.

Check the size and presence or absence of a cloning gene with Plasmid DNA (insert check)

Check the size and presence or absence of an amplified long PCR product from a gene.


MultiNA: Application for Gene Cloning


Description DNA-12000 Kit
P/N 292-36600-91
Contents Separation buffer for 1000 analyses, marker solution for 1000 analyses, buffer bottle, vials, instruction manual
Storage temperature Separation buffer: 2 to 8 °C Marker solution: -20 °C

The kits do not contain fluorescent dyes or ladders. This kit has a shelf life. Please use it immediately after opening.


Size range 100 to 12,000 bp
Sizing resolution 10 % (100 to 1,000 bp), 20 % (1,000 to 12,000 bp)
Sizing accuracy ±15 %
Quantitative range 0.5 to 50 ng/μL
Quantitative accuracy ±40 % (The quantitative accuracy was verified from 200 to 12000 bp.)
Maximum salt concentration 125 mM KCl

* The specifications above were verified using standard samples and analysis conditions prescribed by Shimadzu.
The specifications may not be achieved for some samples and/or analysis conditions.

Operation environment

MCE-202 MultiNA software Ver. 1.10 or later is required to use the DNA-12000 kit.

  • Upgrade software
  • Upgrade details differ between software Ver. 1.05 or later and Ver. 1.06.
    For more information, please contact your local Shimadzu distributor.

Other reagent kits for MultiNA

Description Separation range
DNA-500 Kit (1,000 analyses) 25 to 500 bp
DNA-1,000 Kit (1,000 analyses) 100 to 1,000 bp
DNA-2,500 Kit (1,000 analyses) 100 to 2,500 bp
RNA Kit (1,000 analyses) Max. 28rRNA
(5.0 knt)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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