Microchip Electrophoresis System for DNA/RNA Analysis MCE®-202 MultiNA

This next-generation microchip electrophoresis system - will bring about revolutionary changes in life science laboratories.

Application Analysis using the MCE®-202:

Shimadzu's BioMEMS microchip technology not only enables high-speed analysis, but also achieves high separation performance and reproducibility. Our newly developed separation buffer, analytical method and automation technology overcome the shortness of the effective separation length. Shown below are examples that demonstrate the enhanced analytical performance.

Analysis Using DNA-500/1000/2500/12000 Kit Electrophoretic separation correction and generation of the size calibration curve are conducted automatically with the ladder and 2 internal standard markers (LM and UM in the figure). *Red: DNA ladder

DNA-500 Ladder Analysis Example



DNA-1000 Ladder Analysis Example



DNA-2500 Ladder Analysis Example



DNA-12000 Ladder Analysis Example



DNA-12000 reagent kit

Analysis using the DNA-500 Kit
Besides the bother of preparing 4% agarose gel, G1 and G2 cannot be clearly separated. With the MultiNA, baseline separation was achieve.

Red :25 bp DNA ladder (Invitrogen)

Blue :Norovirus Detection Kit G1, G2 (Shimadzu)

Analysis Using RNA Kit Sample:
RNA6000 Ladder (Ambion) Final concentration 25 ng/m

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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