Gene Amplification Reagent

Novel chemistry to neutralise PCR amplification inhibitors
and accelerate PCR analysis

  • Mammalian body fluids including blood contain many substances that inhibit the activity of enzymes such as Taq DNA Polymerase. As a consequence it is generally necessary to remove the inhibitory substances and purify DNA before performing DNA analysis on cells present in these samples. Traditional preparation of DNA samples from mammalian cells includes overnight treatment with proteinase K, followed by purification by phenol/chloroform extraction and EtOH precipitation.
  • Recently, a number of DNA isolation kits have become commercially available which have greatly simplified this process. However, there are several limitations associated with such kits including sample throughput (as the process is time-consuming), reduced recovery and/or insufficient purity of the final DNA preparation and an increased probability in sample contamination with foreign DNA, including DNA from samples processed earlier.
  • To address this need Shimadzu Corporation has developed a novel reagent (Ampdirect┬«) capable of effectively neutralizing the substances in human and mouse blood that inhibit DNA amplification.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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