Matrix Vapor Deposition System


The iMLayer matrix vapor deposition system is sample pretreatment (application of matrix) in order to perform MALDI-MS imaging using an analysis system such as the iMScope imaging mass microscope or the MALDI-7090. With the iMLayer, the deposition method has been adopted as a pretreatment method to achieve high spatial resolution. By using this method, fine matrix crystal can be produced. Also, thanks to automated control, the coating thickness is reproducibly controlled as users configure.


  • Creation of finer matrix crystal grains via the deposition method
  • Improved reproducibility of matrix coatings via automatic coating thickness control
  • Simple touch panel operation

Creation of finer matrix crystal grains via the deposition method


Applicable matrix*¹ DHB, 9-AA, CHCA
Vacuum level attained 1×10−2Pa
Max. temperature 250°C
Sample one glass slide

Note: This system applies matrix coatings via vacuum deposition. It cannot be used for pretreatment of highly volatile samples. Liquid matrices or highly volatile
matrices cannot be used. Use transparent glass slides to control the system by checking the transmitted laser light.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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