Accurate Glycan Analyzer

Achieves Simple, High-Sensitivity Glycan Structure Identification

1. Display of Glycan-Derived Ions

Display of Glycan-Derived Ions

The software picks up glycan-derived ion candidates from among the peaks detected in MS spectra. In addition to the glycans stored in the database, glycan-derived ions that may theoretically exist are also displayed. Upon selecting one of the glycan-derived ions, the m/z value of the precursor ion used to obtain an MS/MS spectrum is automatically entered in the system control software.

MS measurement

2. Display of Candidate Structures and Candidate MS3 Precursor Ions

Display of Candidate Structures and Candidate MS3 Precursor Ions

The software picks up and displays MS3 precursor ion candidates from among the product ions detected in MS/MS spectra. These precursor ions are listed from higher to lower usefulness for structure identification. Linking to the database makes it simple, even for operators without specialized knowledge or experience, to set the measurement parameters for glycan structure identification.

MS/MS measurement

3. Identification of Structural Isomers

Identification of Structural Isomers

The MSn spectra can be used for database pattern matching. Matching is possible for the measurement results of up to MS4 spectra. The identified glycan structures can be displayed on a Web browser, which can be opened from the Client with the click of a button.

MS3 measurement

4. Display of Identification Results

This system performs easy glycan structure identification within a few minutes after starting measurement. 1)
A scoring function makes it possible to distinguish between structural isomers. It is also can confirm the reference spectra of the identified glycan structures in database.

1) Running time is dependent on sample amounts, condition and measurement conditions.

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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