Digital Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

This product is only available in North America and Japan.

The Technology Behind MALDImini-1


■Compact design with unique ion optics system and layout

The laser optic system, sample stage, and vacuum exhaust system have all been finely optimized to reduce the size of the device.


■Digital Ion Trap (DIT) technology provides high sensitivity over a wide mass range, despite the device's small footprint.

The world-first* Digital Ion Trap (DIT) technology, unique to Shimadzu, uses rectangular wave RF to trap ions rather than the sine wave RF which has been used in ion-trapping devices until now.


*As of May 2019, from internal research

■MALDImini Console

With the dedicated control software for MALDImini-1, you can take measurements just by setting simple analysis parameters. Switch quickly and easily between MS, MS/MS and MS3 modes for seamless analysis. Data can be exported in mzML or mzXML formats.


■Compatibility with Software Solutions

Powerful processing tools can be used to analyze your exported mzML or mzXML data, such as MASCOT for identifying protein digests, SimGlycan™ for processing MSn data for glycans, and eMSTAT Solution™ for statistical analysis.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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