Microorganism Identification System

Just three steps from sample preparation to identification

Sample Preparation


Prepare a microorganism colony (or culture fluid).
No prior gram staining or morphological evaluation is required. No specialized experience or background knowledge about microorganisms is required. Analysis is possible with a few micrograms of sample containing approximately 105 bacteria. As a single colony can be analyzed, colonies derived from multiple bacterial strains on the agar medium do not hinder analysis.

Step 1

Step 1

Apply the collected bacteria sample and matrix reagent to a special MALDI plate.
The basic sample preparation method is extremely simple: just mix the bacteria sample and matrix reagent on the MALDI plate*1.
The disposable MALDI plates simplifies handling. You can choose from the preexisting optimal sample preparation methods (protocols) according to your needs.

Step 2

Measuring by MALDI-TOFMS

Measure using MALDI-TOF MS. The unique mass spectrum for the bacterial species is rapidly obtained.
Measurements are conducted automatically, using existing methods. No mass spectrometry experience is required. It is not necessary to check each mass spectrum.

Step 3

Identify the microorganism

Check the acquired mass spectrum against the spectrum databases registered in the analysis software to classify and identify the microorganism.
The entire sequence of operations from database searching to displaying the identification results is automated. No parameter adjustments are required.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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