Microorganism Identification System

The reliable databases provide powerful support for microorganism identification.

Unrivalled comprehensive microorganism database

Sample of database

Fully validated spectrum database
SuperSpectraTM Number of registered mass spectra*2: 2,000 min.

SuperSpectraTM contains peak groups that can act as markers to offer stable detection of commonly detected bacterial species under multiple conditions. These marker peak groups are extracted from at least 15 mass spectra for each microorganism strain that are obtained at multiple laboratories under many measurement conditions. It produces reliable identification results under most conditions.
The identification of microorganisms by MALDI-TOF MS previously suffered from problems with mass-spectrum reproducibility. However, SuperSpectraTM overcomes these problems to significantly reduce errors during the identification of the microorganisms. SuperSpectraTM and other databases contain approximately 40,000 mass spectra. Databases can be supplied even for rarely detected bacterial species.

Database customization to support all fields

Operation in database

It is easy to register a new microorganism in the database. Operations to extract the peak groups that can act as markers from multiple mass spectra are simple and intuitive. This allows the user to rapidly develop a high-quality database.

*1 Always inactivate infectious or possibly infectious samples before handling.
*2 The total number of mass spectra may change due to database optimization.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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