Well, cheers - AAS in drinking water analysis

Since January 1st 2003 thenew European DrinkingWater Regulation (TVO2001) has been in effect in Germany.The goal of this regulationis to protect human health fromthe adverse effects which canresult from the consumption ofpolluted water. This law appliesto all types of water used fordrinking, cooking, food and beveragepreparation as well as forpersonal hygiene and cleaning ofobjects that come into contactwith foods. For these applications,water may not contain anychemical compounds in concentrationsregarded as hazardous tohuman health. For many classesof compounds, especially heavymetals, there are well-definedmaximum contaminant levelswhich may not be exceeded andwhich as a result need regularmonitoring.

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Elemental Analysis, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Food and Beverages, Environment, Drinking Water, Pool Water, AA-6300
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