Evaluation of Dynamic Deformation Behavior of LPSO Type Magnesium Alloy by AE Method and High Speed Camera

In recent years, reduction of the weight of transportation machinery has been demanded in order to improve fuel consumption. One proposed solution is use of magnesium alloys, which are lighter in weight than other structural materials. Among magnesium alloys, research on Long-Period Stacking Ordered (LPSO) magnesium is underway, as this material simultaneously achieves high strength, high heat resistance, and incombustibility. The LPSO type reportedly has a deformation mechanism called kink deformation, which is thought to contribute to high strength. This article introduces an example of observation of kink deformation bands.

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Materials Testing & Inspection, High Speed Camera
High speed video camera, HPV-X2, magnesium alloy, failure observation, compression test, kink deformation, Engineering Materials, Electronics, Electronic, Processed metal products, HPV-X2
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