Determination of Oil and Grease in water using IRAffinity-1

The concentration of dispersed oil and grease (O&G) in water is an important parameter for water quality and safety. This paper presents analysis of O&G in water and waste water using FTIR with respect to IS 3025 (Part 39) with Shimadzu IRAffinity-1. The above method is based on Hexane as an extraction solvent, which as a hydrocarbon containing solvent interfere with the FTIR analysis in determination of O&G.
Hence, this method is developed using carbon tetrachloride as an extraction solvent. Carbon tetrachloride is proved to be a suitable alternative to Hexane and the method has shown sufficient sensitivity for monitoring O& G in water as specified by IS 3025 (Part 39).

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Molecular Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectroscopy
Hexane, L-alanine triglycine sulfate, Molecular Spectroscopy, Environment, Drinking Water, Pool Water, Discharge Water, Groundwater, Environment Water, IRAffinity-1
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