Determination of Interstitial Atomic Oxygen and Substitutional Atomic Carbon in Silicon Wafers and Hydrogen in Silicon Nitride Films on Silicon Wafers by FTIR

Quantitative analysis of interstitial oxygen and substitutional carbon in silicon wafers is known to be relatively easy using infrared spectroscopy. Furthermore, infrared spectroscopy can also be used for the determination of hydrogen in silicon nitride films that are deposited on the surface of silicon wafers as anti-reflective and insulating coatings. Here, we introduce examples of this type of measurement on such samples using the IRsolution Macro Program.

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Molecular Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectroscopy
Crystalline Silicon, Silicon wafer, Interstitial atomic oxygen, Substitutional atomic carbon, Anti-reflective coating, SiN, SiN film, Solar cell, Electronics, Electronic, Electronics/Electronic device, Other Cell, IRAffinity-1
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