Analysis of Corrosive Liquids Used as Wax Remover with Disposable IR Cards

Spectrophotometric analysis of liquid samples can be conducted simply and effectively using the ATR method. However, ATR is not suitable for analysis when the liquid sample has corrosive properties because these corrosive substances can cause damage to the prism crystal and metal parts (typically consisting of SS) used to secure the prism. In such cases, transmission measurements using a disposable IR card is an effective alternative method. Here we introduce examples of measurement of weakly alkaline, corrosive ethanolamine and strongly acidic methanesulfonic acid utilizing these disposable IR cards

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Molecular Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectroscopy
Wax remover, Corrosive substances, Strongly acidic substances, Strongly alkaline substances, IR card, Electronics, Electronic, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Plating, IRPrestige-21
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