Biodiesel patterns reflect quality

The strongly increasing demand for biofuels inevitably leads to a shortage of the required raw materials until world agriculture production will be able to accommodate the growing demand.Independently of this development, the fast-rising energy costs will require new and independent energy sources.This means for biodiesel that in addition to the plant oils presently used, new raw materials will have to be applied in order to cover the growing demand in the future.The requirements on measureing thchnology and applications will focus on the continuous adaptation to new developments in order to guarantee asteady quality of biofuels also in the future.Shimadzu has been involved in biofuel quality control for almost 10 years and will also work on new solutions together with its cutomers.

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Shimadzu News 1/2008
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Gas Chromatography
Biodiesel, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), GC-2010, AOC-20i
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