Detector-Switching Analysis Using a Capillary Switching Device

A capillary switching device allows switching of flowlines with high accuracy. This device can be used toswitch between 2 detectors, allowing concurrentanalyses with multiple detectors to be conductedeasily. Detector-switching analysis is different fromdetector-splitting analysis, so when analysis isconducted using detector switching, the entire sampleis flowing into the appropriate detector, and accurateinformation can be obtained from multiple detectorsduring a single analysis run without sacrificingsensitivity. (With the detector splitting technique, only aspecific fraction of the sample is directed to each ofthe detectors during the entire analysis.)

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Gas Chromatography
Environment, Food and Beverages, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), Agricultural, Discharge Water, Groundwater, Environment Water, Food safety (Residues, Contaminants), GC-2010 Plus
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