Analysis of Vinyl Chloride in Polyvinyl Chloride Plastics by GC

Residual organic solvents in food packaging materialsare receiving attention due to the heightened concernfor food safety and public health. Specific standardsand specifications as well as testing methods areestablished for each type of material used in foodpackaging materials in Japan's "Food Sanitation Act - Section 3: Implements, Containers, and Packaging inthe Standards and Criteria for Food and FoodAdditives, etc."Polyvinyl chloride, a transparent plastic, can be easilymixed with plasticizers to obtain a desired degree offlexibility depending on the compounding ratio. Forthat reason, it is used in a variety of applications,including food containers, wrapping films, and gloves.Vinyl chloride is the monomer of polyvinyl chloride,and is generated when polyvinyl chloride is subjectedto thermal decomposition. Due to its widely-reportedcarcinogenicity, the concentration of vinyl chloride inmaterials is restricted in conjunction with materialtesting.This Application News introduces an example ofanalysis of vinyl chloride in plastic with polyvinylchloride as its principal ingredient.

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Gas Chromatography
Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), Rubber, Resin, Plastics, GC-2010Plus
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