Shimadzu Simulated Distillation Gas Chromatograph System

The Shimadzu simulated distillation system, consisting of a GC-2010 Plus high-performance capillary gas chromatograph and LabSolutions simulated distillation GC analysis software, meets all applicable ASTM, ISO, EN, and JIS standards. Permitting accurate and highly reproducible analysis of high-boiling components in crude oil samples, it is the optimal system for product quality control and process management in oil refinery plants.

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Gas Chromatography
Distillation Gas Chromatograph System capillary gas chromatograph ASTM, ISO, EN crude oil refinery Gasoline, naptha Kerosene, diesel oil Jet fuel,Lubricating oil, base stock oilcapillary gas chromatograph, Environment, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), Clean energy, Safety, Comfortability,Industrial gas (incl. Gas for Semiconductor manufacturing),Bio Fuels, Simulated Distillation Gas Chromatograph System
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