Analysis of Fatty Acid Content Ratios in Polysorbate 80

Polysorbate 80 is a highly safe water soluble emulsifier that, in addition to its use in ointments (creams) as an emulsifier, is also used as an injectable solubilizing agent for oil-soluble vitamins as well as in health drinks. There was a partial revision of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (2011 Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Notification No. 65) as reported by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in its Notification No. 47 (February 28, 2014), and which became effective that same day. In this Pharmacopoeia Supplement, the section "Composition of fatty acids" was added to the Polysorbate 80 article in the official monographs.
This Application News introduces the system suitability test associated with the analysis of fatty acid content ratios specified in Polysorbate 80 in the official monographs.

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Gas Chromatography
Polysorbate 80, Emulsifier, Creams, Fatty acid content ratios, System suitability test, Methyl myristate, Methyl palmitate, Methyl stearate, Methyl arachidate, Methyl oleate, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), GC-2010 Plus, AOC-20i
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