Simultaneous Analysis of Lower Aldehydes That Do Not Require Derivatization

The conventional method used to simultaneously analyze lower aldehydes by gas chromatography (GC) involves reacting them with a derivatizing agent before analysis in order to increase stability and detection sensitivity. However, derivatization can be difficult for some sample compositions or coexisting components. Therefore, there has been demand for an alternate method that enables direct, high-sensitivity measurement of lower aldehydes. Barrier discharge ionization detectors (BID) uses a revolutionary plasma technology to detect all compounds except He and Ne. Because BID is able to detect lower aldehydes, including formaldehyde, without derivatizing the aldehydes, they are especially helpful for analyzing aldehydes in samples such as resins, chemical products, and water.This Data Sheet introduces the analyzing lower aldehydes in water using a Shimadzu HS-20 headspace sampler and a Shimadzu Tracera High Sensitivity Gas Chromatograph System (GC-BID).

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Gas Chromatography
Lower Aldehydes, GC-BID, Tracera, GC-2010 Plus A, BID-2010 Plus, HS-20
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