System Gas Chromatography (GC) Data Sheets

The ASTM, UOP and GPA test methods are accepted worldwide in the petroleum industry for their high quality and highly reliable standards. To support the petroleum industry, Shimadzu is constantly improving our system gas chromatography analyzers to comply with the specific and latest requirements of these industry standards. Along with this consistency, we also strive for efficient installation services that suit your needs and ensures confidence in your analyses. For more information, this booklet compiles a comprehensive collection of system GC data sheets to equip you with solutions for your specific analyses.

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Gas Chromatography, System GC
Petroleum, refinery, gas chromatography, natural gas, LPG, gasoline, hydrocarbon, transformer oil, town gas, trace sulfur, green house gas, astm, uop, gpa methods, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), Petroleum refinery, Petrochemical, Polymer, Industrial gas (incl. Gas for Semiconductor manufacturing), Utility gas, System GC
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