Analysis of Alcohol Compounds in Blood (2)

Measurements of oxygenated compounds and alcohols, primarily ethanol, in blood, are frequently performed in forensic medicine, emergency medicine, and other fields. In forensic medicine, such measurements are utilized to determine levels of intoxication from alcohol consumption and to evaluate criminality. In emergency medicine, they are utilized to distinguish between alcohol consumption and other medical cases. Application Data Sheet No. 12 introduced results for the repeatability of ethanol and the separation of standard solutions of oxygenated compounds using the HS-20 and the Rtx-BAC Plus series of columns specifically designed for alcohol analysis.
This report introduces the results of an investigation of linearity and repeatability for blood spiked with ethanol.

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Gas Chromatography
alcohols, ethanol, blood, forensic medicine, alcohol consumption, headspace, sampler, Clinical research, Forensics, Forensics, Toxicology, Drug test, HS-20
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