Off-flavor system of Shimadzu analyzes the odor components in edible oil

Edible oil is an indispensable cooking ingredient and a healthy essential nutrient in people's life. The edible oil will produce different odors during the production or storage process. In the process of oil production, peculiar smells are produced. For example, the oil made from the scorched embryo has a burnt smell, the alkali-smelted oil has a "soap taste", and the leached oil has a solvent taste. Grease can cause rancid odor due to improper storage conditions, such as unpleasant clams taste, stinky smell, etc. The smell of edible oil directly affects the flavor quality and edible value of the food. So it is essential to establish a rapid and effective method for detecting odor substances in edible oils.

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Gas Chromatography, Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry
edible oil, Food and Beverages, Food safety (Residues, Contaminants), GCMS-TQ8040, GC-2010 Plus, AOC-6000
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