High Sensitivity Analysis of White Wine Aroma Components Using ITEX DHS

GC-MS is used for the analysis of aroma components in foods and beverages and the SPME (solid-phase microextraction) and HS (headspace extraction) methods are used for sample introduction. The ITEX DHS (in-tube extraction dynamic headspace) method was developed as a new sample introduction option for the AOC-6000 Multifunctional Autosampler to address this shortcoming. ITEX DHS allows analysis at higher sensitivities compared to the conventional HS method by enriching headspace components contained in a vial into an adsorbent-filled syringe. In the analysis of wine aroma components, ITEX DHS enabled high enrichment and analysis of aroma components compared to the conventional HS method.

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Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry
Beverage, Food, Aroma component, Food and Beverages, GCMS-QP2020, AOC-6000
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