Accelerated and robust monitoring for immunosuppressants using triple quadrupole mass spectrometry

We developed a method for monitoring of four immunosuppressants (Tacrolimus, Everolimus, Rapamycin, and Cyclosporin A) and two internal standards (Ascomycin and Cyclosporin D) in human whole blood. These immunosuppressants has been monitored as ammonium or sodium adduct ion by using positive ionization. On the other hand, protonated molecule (for positive) or deprotonated molecule (for negative) is more preferable for reliable quantitation than adduct ions such as ammonium, sodium, and potassium adduct. In this study, each compound was detected as deprotonated molecule in negative mode by using heated ESI source of LCMS-8050 and any other adduct ion was not detected. It permit more sensitive, robust, and reliable quantitation for these molecule. As a result of optimization for analytical conditions, we selected 65 degree C for column temperature. Excellent peak shape and separation were achieved at high column oven temperature. The separation of all of compounds were achieved within 3.5 min. We analyzed both of authentic standard samples and blood extracts to evaluate the qualitative capability such as limit of detection, dynamic range, carry over, and stability. The linearity, accuracy, and reproducibility were ranged 1 -100 ng/mL for Tacrolimus, Everolimus, and Rapamycin and 10 -1000 ng/mL for Cyclosporin A. In this study, ragged and rapid quantitation for four immunosuppressants in whole blood were achieved by using LCMS-8050.

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Mass Spectrometry, Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Liquid Chromatography
immunosuppressants, Tacrolimus, Everolimus, Rapamycin, Cyclosporin A, Ascomycin, Cyclosporin D, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Healthcare, LCMS-8050, Nexera UHPLC
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