Lipid Analysis of a Mouse Brain by Statistical Analysis Software

The most important element of MS imaging is how efficiently it can analyze the enormous amounts of data acquired by data acquisition. Imaging MS Solution Analysis is dedicated image analysis software for the iMScope that offers easy peak detection, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (HCA), and Region of Interest (ROI) analysis. Peak detection and PCA were performed on MS imaging data of a mouse brain slice to obtain lipid groupings with the three different types of distribution characteristics that match the brain structures. It was demonstrated that overlaying a micrograph over these lipid distributions can visualize the localized distributions.

*Not available in the U.S.

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Mass Spectrometry, Life Science Lab Instruments, Imaging, Imaging Mass Microscope
MS imaging, statistical analysis, Imaging MS Solution, PCA, HCA, ROI, overlay, Clinical research, Forensics, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, DMPK, ADME, Safety testing, iMScope
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