Rapid Method Scouting of Chiral Compounds

Enantiomer resolution by chiral column chromatography is a variation of column chromatography that is actively being researched in the pharmaceutical field of drug discovery. One drawback of this method, however, is the extensive time and effort required to determine the optimum mobile phase conditions and the most suitable column for separation of the analyte among a wide variety of available chiral columns. This has spurred the demand for faster scouting of chiral separation conditions.
Here, using the Nexera Method Scouting system with the iChiral-6 polysaccharide-based columns (Daicel Corporation), we report an example in which high-resolution column conditions are constructed for analysis of chiral compounds.

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Liquid Chromatography
chiral column, iChiral-6, chiral compounds, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, DMPK, ADME, Safety testing,Development (Formulation, Scale-up, Method development), UHPLC, Nexera Method Scouting, CLASS-Agent
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