UF-Amino Station LC/MS Ultra Fast Amino Acid Analysis System (Part 1)A Novel Approach for Ultra High Speed Analysis of Amino Acids

Ion exchange HPLC with post-column derivatization has traditionally been used for amino acid analysis, and, although effective for multiple-component amino acid analysis, this type of analysis does require considerable time. On the other hand, reversed phase pre-column derivatization with UV detection for this amino acid analysis requires much less time, but the drawback here is the limited number of possible amino acids that can be detected.
The UF-Amino Station, developed in collaboration with Ajinomoto Co., Inc., utilizes a dedicated high-speed, highseparation column together with an ultra-high-speed mass spectrometer to achieve simultaneous analysis of 38 amino acids and related substances in just 9 minutes. Furthermore, various features, including automated derivatization processing and specialized software permit simple operation and multi-sample processing.
Here, we introduce the basic principles of amino acid analysis using the UF-Amino Station which make possible ultra fast analysis of amino acids.

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