Analysis of Low Molecular Weight Soluble Dietary Fiber by Prominence-i

Dietary fiber is normally measured using an enzymaticgravimetric method (prosky method). A problem with this method is its low rate of recovery for low molecular weight soluble dietary fiber, such as polydextrose and indigestible dextrin. Total dietary fiber is obtained by adding the quantitative result obtained by the enzymatic-gravimetric method to the quantitative result obtained by HPLC analysis of filtrate obtained from the enzymatic-gravimetric method.
This application news describes an analysis of the amount of low molecular weight soluble dietary fiber by an enzymatic - HPLC method, based on the Food Labeling Standards - Appendix: Methods of analysis of nutritional composition.

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Liquid Chromatography
Dietary Fiber, Enzymatic-HPLC method, Indigestible dextrin, Low molecular weight soluble dietary fiber, Nutritional labeling of foods, Food labeling standards, α-Amylase, Protease, Amyloglucosidase, Amberlite, Ligand exchange column, Shim-pack SPR-Na, Maltotriose, Glucose, Integrated HPLC, Refractive index detector, Food and Beverages, Prominece-I, RID-20A
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