Ultra Fast Method Scouting (2) - Maximizing the Efficiency of Method Development

Due to the large amounts of time required for determining analytical conditions (method scouting), users are looking for ways to minimize the time required for method scouting.
This report describes an example of using a Nexera Method Scouting system in combination with dedicated method scouting software to determine analytical conditions for simultaneous analysis of nine types of sulfa drugs. The dedicated method scouting software, Method Scouting Solution, is able to use the multi-data report functionality in LabSolutions DB/CS software to rapidly find optimal analytical conditions from huge amounts of analytical results. Therefore, this report also describes the multi-data report function.

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Liquid Chromatography, Software & Informatics
Nexera Method Scouting, Method Scouting Solution, LabSolutions DB/CS, Multi-Data Report, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Nexera Method Scouting System
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