Analysis of Electrolytic Solvents for Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are widely used innotebook computers, cellular phones and otherportable electronic equipment because of their highefficiency and high energy density features.They are also expected to be widely used as a sourceof power for electric vehicles, which are just nowbecoming more widespread. The electrolytic solutionused in these batteries is typically a mixture of twotypes of carbonates: cyclic carbonates, which are highpermittivity,high-boiling-point solvents, and short-chainester carbonates, which are low-viscosity solvents. Inaddition, both types usually contain additives forenhancing battery performance, as well.Here, we introduce an example of analysis ofelectrolytic solvents used in lithium-ion rechargeablebatteries by HPLC.

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Liquid Chromatography
Electronics, Electronic, Li-ion Battery, Prominence, RID-10A
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