Development and Validation of Non-derivatization LC/MS/MS Method for Fast Determination of Proteinogenic Amino Acids in Fish

Non-derivatization LC/MS/MS method are evaluated for the analysis of amino acids in fish sample. This analytical method was based on the HILIC mode chromatographic separation followed by the MRM based MS detection. In addition, the fast-acidic hydrolysis procedure was performed with concentrate HCl and propionic acid at 160 degree in around 30 minutes. Total amount of essential amino acids was obtained as approximately 10 g per 100g of each sample with good sensitivity and reproducibility. Using this method, Essential amino acids including taurine can be analyzed in one or two hours without the need for derivatization.

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Liquid Chromatography, Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry
amino acid, LCMS, non-derivatization, hydrolysis, fish, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, LCMS-8060, Nexera UHPLC
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