Screening analysis for drugs of abuse by LC-MS/MS enables fast polarity switching MRM triggered product ion scanning on the fly

In recent years the need for forensic, toxicological and clinical analyses have increased. A universal high speed MRM triggered product ion scanning method with fast polarity switching was applied to simultaneously screen, quantitate and confirm by reference to an MS/MS data base containing the majority of drugs of abuse available in Japan.

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Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry
LCMS-8030, forensic toxicology, abused drugs, psychotropic drugs, hypnotic drugs Synchronized Survey Scan, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Forensics, Toxicology, Drug test, Drug synthesis and purification, DMPK, ADME, Safety testing, Drug discovery, LCMS-8030, Nexera UHPLC
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