Sensitive multi-mycotoxins analysis with a single sample preparation by LC-MS/MS

There are various substances that can threaten the food safety, such as pesticides, mycotoxins. LC-MS/MS analysis is a prevailing technique for the detection of these substances in food. Mycotoxins are especially frequent contaminants of agricultural products, and brewers are concerned that they can give serious damages to consumers, for example liver cancer, nephritis, pulmonary edema and so on. This is the reason why most countries have adopted regulations to limit exposure to mycotoxins, while the regulated mycotoxins and value differ with countries. The toxicity and potential health hazards induced by mycotoxins demand the need for sensitive, robust analytical methodologies.
This research provides a LC-MS/MS system for quantitative screening of mycotoxins and includes a multi-mycotoxin sample preparation column to cover worldwide regulations. Although LC-MS/MS is a highly sensitive analytical technique, the problem of carryover occurs frequently. Metal-free column and multi-rinse mode were performed for reduction of carryover.

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Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry
multi-mycotoxins, contaminants, Food and Beverages, Agriculture, LCMS-8060, Nexera X2
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