Rapid and quantifiable screening method for 64 drugs in humanblood by direct probe ionization/ tandem mass spectrometry (DPiMS)

Screening for drugs of abuse is perhaps the most frequently performed LC-MS/MS analysis in a forensic/clinical laboratory. Tests are intended to give a quick indication of presence or absence of a panel of drugs, and in-depth confirmatory analyses are subsequently conducted for those that were screened positive. Thus, there are enormous economic benefits in making the screening test quicker and low-cost.
We have herein developed a method using DPiMS-8060 to enable ultra-rapid screening analysis of 64 drugs and demonstrated its sensitivity and panel coverage in blood with minimal sample pretreatment.

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Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry
drugs of abuse, toxicology, forensic, PESI, DPiMS, mass spectrometry, Clinical research, Forensics, DPiMS-8060, LCMS-8060
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