Analysis of Glycopeptides of Monoclonal Antibody Using MALDI-7090 High-Resolution MALDI-TOF MS

Antibodies that are utilized in biopharmaceuticals are often subjected to glycan modification. This glycan is a molecule with high structural heterogeneity consisting of intricately coupled monosaccharides, such as glucose and mannose, and that complex structure is known to play an important role in the functional regulation of proteins. When an antibody is biosynthesized as a biopharmaceutical, elucidation of both its structure and binding site is important.
Here, using the MALDI-7090 high-resolution MALDITOF MS, we introduce an example of analysis to determine the structure and binding site of a glycan bound to an antibody.

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Mass Spectrometry, Life Science Lab Instruments, MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry
Antibody, Monoclonal antibody, Biopharmaceuticals, Glycan, Glycopeptide, Glycoprotein, MALDI-TOF Mass, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Development (Formulation, Scale-up, Method development), MALDI-7090
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