Detection of Protein Aggregates: Detection of Multimeric Proteins Using MALDI-TOF MS with a High Mass Detector

The unintended formation for protein aggregates may cause antigenicity and impair protein function in protein drug development and during the various types of research that use proteins. Consequently, monitoring the formation of protein aggregates in different environments is a very important matter both for acquiring consistent biochemical data and for the quality control of drugs.
In this article, we will describe the detection of protein aggregates using MALDI-TOF MS that is capable of detecting high mass molecules.

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Life Science Lab Instruments, Mass Spectrometry, MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry
Biomedicine, Bio-pharmaceutical, Biosimilar, Protein, Aggregates, Multimeric protein, Quality control, MALDI-TOF MS, High mass detector, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, AXIMA Performance
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