MSn Analyses for Tryptophan-Conjugated ADC Mimic by Miniature MALDI Digital Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (MALDI-DIT-MS)

Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), in which drugs are conjugated to antibodies, combine the high selectivity of antibodies with the effects of small molecule drugs to make it more effective than conventional low molecular weight drugs. It appeared in the 2000s as a drug expected to have cancer effects. When artificially binding another compound to a protein, such as ADC, the binding degree of that compound and its binding site become one of the critical quality properties.
In this experiment, we created a pseudo-ADC in which a low molecular weight compound was artificially bound to a research standard antibody, and modified group binding site analysis was attempted using the compact MALDI-DIT mass spectrometry “MALDImini-1."

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Mass Spectrometry, Life Science Lab Instruments, MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry
Antibody drug conjugates, Clinical research, Forensics, Forensics, Toxicology, Drug test, MALDImini-1
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