High Spatial Resolution Imaging by iMScope TRIO - Imaging of Chloroquine Distribution in Rat Retina -

Pharmacokinetic analysis of candidate compounds is a critical step in drug development, for elucidating the site and mechanism of activity and for evaluating local cytotoxicity. Imaging mass spectrometry (MS) is a recently emerging technology as an alternative to conventional methods because it can quantify and give spatial distribution of both intact and metabolized forms of target compounds simultaneously.
Here we present how imaging mass microscope iMScope TRIO was used for analysis of rat retina administered with chloroquine.

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Life Science Lab Instruments, Imaging Mass Microscope
Chloroquine, Retinopathy, Rat, iMLayer, MS/MS imaging, High spatial resolution imaging, Malaria infection, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Drug discovery, DMPK, ADME, Safety testing, iMScope TRIO
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