Quality Evaluation of Food Products Using Multivariate Analysis (2): Analysis of Aromatic Components in Tomato Juice

Vegetable and fruit drinks are also marketed as foods with health claims which do not contain flavor additives, heightening the need for evaluation of differences in the materials (products) themselves. In Application News No. M310, a multivariate analysis in the metabolites in three types of tomato juice was carried out, and the differences in the components contributing to taste and functional components between the productswere introduced. In this article, an analysis of aromatic components by the headspace (HS) method was conducted using the same three commercially-available tomato juices as in No. M310, and deconvolution and multivariate analysis were conducted using the AnalyzerPro software (SpectralWorks Ltd.), as introduced here.

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Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry
Food and Beverages, GCMS-QP 2020 NX

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