Observing Circuit Break in Power Cord Plug

When electrical devices and mechanical products failor malfunction, the cause is often located internallyand not visible by external observation. In such cases,X-ray fluoroscopy and CT imaging can provide a veryefficient way to identify the problem location and verifythe status, especially because it does not requiredisassembling the item being inspected.In this example, a broken circuit in a defective 100 voltpower cord and plug is observed in detail. (The plug isa molded type plug that is integrated with the cord,which cannot be disassembled or repaired easily.)An SMX-1000+VCT Microfocus X-Ray Inspection/CTSystem (see Fig. 2) and inspeXio SMX-90CTMicrofocus X-Ray CT system (Fig. 3) was used forinspection.

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Non-Destructive Testing
Electronics, Electronic, SMX-1000+VCT, SMX-90CT
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