New SPM Measurement Method: ZXY Scanning, Overcoming the Difficulties of Conventional SPM Measurement

The data acquisition method used in scanning probe microscopy (SPM) is generally “XY scanning,” in which the probe follows the sample surface so as to maintain a constant interaction between the probe and sample. XY scanning enables rapid scanning and has high in-plane resolution, and is the basis of various measurement modes. However, at the same time, the difficulty of scanning wide fields of view, soft samples, and samples with large surface irregularity is a weakness of XY scanning as well as SPM measurement. We succeeded in practical application of ZXY scanning, which can overcome these weak points, as reported in this article.

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Surface Analysis
Nano 3D Mapping, ZXY scanning, wide fields of view of 50 μm or larger, soft samples, cells, samples with large surface irregularity, surface irregularity of 1 μm or more, targets, SPM users, laser microscope users, polymers, biosamples, SPM-9700HT, SPM-8100FM
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